Would a Consultation Help Me?


Reasons to take action:

I have Pre-Diabetes (aka "borderline" Diabetes)

I have newly diagnosed or poorly managed Diabetes (aka "Deniabetes")

I have high blood pressure & want to manage it with food and stress management

I have 10 or more pounds I would like to lose

I want to explore a Vegetarian diet

I am ready to transition to a Vegan lifestyle

I have high cholesterol &/or triglycerides and want to get off medication

I have digestion problems: constipation, IBS, gas, bloating etc.

I have a food allergy or food intolerance

I take antibiotics frequently or did in the recent past

I eat too much sugar/ fast food/ white flour/ fried foods

I suffer with Migraines

I know what to do, but I don't do it!

I think having a caring Coach who I am accountable to would help me

I want to learn stress management techniques

I want to be healthy & feel my best

Are We a Good Fit? Here are a few signs:

You realize that you have a problem that requires support by a Nutritionist

with clinical experience.

You are excited to learn about your body, hunger, emotional eating and self-care.

You have reached  the "action phase', after contemplating working with someone.

You realize that your past habits have brought you to this point, and accept the idea 

that new habits can be created.

Signs that I may not be "the One" for you:

You are looking for  a calorie-restricted diet.

You are not open to learning about Mindful Eating.

You will only make an appointment if your insurance covers the visit.

You are not willing to pay your co-payment for Nutrition Therapy (if you have one).

You do not believe that you are worthy of feeling great.

You are still in the contemplation phase / not sure your health is worth time and investment.

I am standing by when you are ready!

The person who delays their healthcare must often make time for illness down the road..

What are you waiting for? 

When you are ready to take excellent care of the person you live with, give me a call.

516 - 263 -0732

Celebrating 6 years in my Point Lookout Private Practice

Inspired by the sudden death of my father due to cardiovascular disease at a young age, I have devoted my career to educating and supporting others with Nutrition Therapy. Science has proven that heart disease can be reversed, and a Plant-Based diet is the means to do so. After years in clinical settings (hospitals, an endocrinology practice, & work as a Clinical Support Specialist out in the field) I have created my own Integrative Health practice.  I am a gifted Listener, and have helped thousands of people. Do you feel that the time is Now to make a fresh start ?Would you like to add happiness & purpose to your life in the process? If so, I look forward to meeting you!



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