"When it's time to turn over a new leaf. . ."

We Start Where You Are


At the beginning! Are you a Racer or a Pacer?  Do you skip meals? Our initial meeting will examine your eating style.

Non-Diet Approach


Body Kindness and Self Compassion are the foundations of Open Heart Healing. Discover the practice of Intuitive Eating. 

The time is now


Do you call yourself a "Food Addict"?  Create Peace in your life with Mindful Eating.  Start to create a new relationship with food today...



Ready to explore Plant-Based eating? Looking for a Nutritionist who listens to you? Need an Expert Guide at the market?   

Discover the Joy of Movement


 I can refer you to free local fitness activities, Personal Trainers, Yoga & Pilates experts.  Slow and steady gets results!

Evidence-Based Guidance


"Health at Every Size" is the goal - ready to shift your mind from "Diet/Weight Loss" to "Become Healthy"? Then give me a call...