Are you ready to feel your best?

What sets me apart from other Registered Dietitians?  My focus on Integrative Wellness, not just food. Learn how to improve sleep & manage stress while you are learning how to make healthier food choices.

Sharing information that can help people prevent and reverse common diseases is my life's work.


Learn how to 'make food your medicine'

Enjoy a Reiki session, or become a Reiki Practitioner

Start eating mindfully

Enjoy daily movement  

Consider a meditation practice

Replace questionable supplements with high quality food & spices.

Detoxify your home as well as your body


Healthcare Professional

  Accepting most insurance plans

I listen, encourage, inspire, educate

& support my clients.

Teaching by example, I follow a 

Plant-Based diet,

am physically active & meditate daily.

Stress Management

My clinical education and training is complemented by years

of holistic studies.  Co-create your own toolbox of Mindfulness, 

Meditation, Rest, Time in Nature & Movement.


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"Creating Health One Meal at a Time!"

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